Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life From Another Perspective

If you get the chance check out Joy Blog and step into a different lifestyle. I met Joy through Ravelry in Fibro Froggers, a knit group of people who have fibromyalgia. Joy and two others are from the US and are currently living in the Himalaya mountains in India providing medical relief to locals including refugees from Tibet. Here in the states we take our comfortable living accommodations for granted. Get a glimpse of the struggle to treat patients, including some four legged varieties, in this beautiful mountainous area. Dig into the blog archives and see what it takes to bake a layer cake from scratch (no such things as prepackaged mixes from a local store), power outages several times a day and no cooking range or microwave.

If you can, please contribute to their medical fund. All monies go directly (no middle man) for medical supplies. Even a few dollars with help. Just click on the PayPal logo on the blog site.

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