Monday, January 28, 2008

Purse Knitting Completed

I have finished knitting the Mckinzie purse using nearly all the yarn in the Cascade 220 skein (220 yards). The pattern did not state how much yarn was needed to knit the purse. Sitting on the purse is a shot glass holds approximately a yard or so of the left over yarn. Just right. Next up felting. Last month I replaced my washer (and dryer) for an energy efficient front load model. I have felted before using my top load agitator washing machine. I could easily open the lid and check the felting process. The only problem with the front load machine is I can not open the door in mid cycle to check the felting process. I placed the purse in a zipped net bag and tossed it in with some dirty clothes on the shortest wash cycle, 28 minutes, using the warm water setting. Normally I would use hot water, but I prefer to be cautious than wind up with a small pouch instead of a purse.

Update 1: Enough with being causious. The purse only shrunk a little. I tossed it back in the washer, minus the net bag and added a few towels. I selected hot water and the same short cycle.

Update 2: That is better. The hot water is the trick. I ran the short cycle, hot a total of two times and was able to get the fabric denseness and size I wanted.

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