Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Very Local Yarn Crawl

I ascended the stairs and entering through the doorway bending over a little to avoid the slanting roof. I was looking for cotton in all the right places, my attic and workroom loft. Fortunately when I stored my yarns I had sorted them by their fiber type. I pulled out several tubs and found yarns that would be suitable for my intended project, a summer tank or camisole. The solid yarn color choices are vibrant red or black. Three different tans to taupe and three more multicolor colorways of deep jewel tone, reds and browns and muted greens with muted yellows. Decisions, decisions. I am leaning toward the vibrant red solid. However, I feel the red is too bright for me. I may want to over dye it to tone it down a bit. I need to see what colors I have in my stash. Time to peruse the several patterns that I have earmarked.

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