Monday, March 17, 2008

A Step Above Socks - Cold Toes

I have been wanting to make these socks for quite a while. The pattern is in the summer, 2004, Knitter's K75 magazine. I picked up two different skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Sock Surpersock a while back. It is a machine washable merino fingering yarn and I am using the colorway called Gypsy Rose for these socks. This is the first time I have used this yarn. It has a good body and a nice twist. I like how the colors paint the socks as I knit.

Update: I took this picture outside today as there were some nice sun breaks in the clouds. As I tried to re-enter the house, I found that I had locked my self out with no hidden key stashed anywhere. What a sinking feeling. Ok, what to do. My feet were bare as I had no intension of leaving the front deck and had on a pair of crop pants and a sweatshirt. I walked around the house to try other doors. No luck. Then I thought about the broken window (from a break-in last week, that is another story) that my husband had covered with plywood. I could pry the plywood off and make my way back inside the house. Yes, that's the ticket! I made my way to the broken window. I looked at the plywood and found it was attached to the house with sheet rock screws. My heart sunk. No screw driver! What to do? I could see that the next door neighbor was not home and I was not going anywhere with bare feet and gravel roads. Lucky for me my husband would be home from work in about an hours time. I went back to the front deck, pulled a deck chair into front door alcove to avoid the mild wind and sprinkles of rain. I grabbed my sock and began to knit. Lemonaid from lemons. Right? It was a good thing that my husband did not have any errands to run and was home on time. My toes were pretty cold and numb.

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