Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Broken Rib Tank Finished - Short Roll Shaping Conqured


This was a quick knit and I am pleased with the results. This pattern has short row shaping in at the front and back tank to lay the groundwork for the yoke. I have always struggled with wrap and turn short roll with picking up the wraps on the next roll. However, working with this yarn and size six US needle made the pickups easily to see. Now it makes since to me. Wow I climbed another mountain and I hear the angels signing. Oh that was just the TV. Never mine. But I am ecstatic with my new found knowledge. I want design short rolls into other projects. Has a short roll freak been set loose in the knitting environment? What have I started? Bha ha ha.... Back to normal now. I still need to block it, but I will do that when I return home. I am staying the week at my daughter and son in law's house. She is off on a business trip and I get to spend time with my grandson. The picture here does not depict the color well. You can see the true color on a previous post below. I will post a new picture of the tank once it finishes the blocking process. Now it is time to swatch for the Beaded Cami with the Shine Sport yarn.

Update: The Broken Rib Tank has been washed (by hand) and is dry. I have changed the picture to show the completed item. I am very happy with the way it fits. I may make this pattern again it a colored yarn.

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