Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Inexpensive Stitch Markers

I was spinning around on one of the web rings and came across an idea of making stitch markers from drinking straws. Different sizes can be made for various straw diameters and can be any thickness you choose

Last night I pulled out a few straws and a pair of scissors. After a few minutes of snipping I had enough stitch markers to fill and 1/2 oz jar. The best part is if a maker falls off the needle and I am not able to find it (I do this a lot), no problem. If it gets vacuumed up, no problem. If I run out of them, no problem. Just snip some more!


kelebek }{ said...

That is a brilliant idea!
I am off to the kitchen to snip some straws!

snoway said...

I love this idea!!!