Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Review - Kathryn Ivy Website - Patterns, Dyeing & Knitting Journal

I was bouncing around one of the blog rings I belong to and came across a picture of a winning prize for a"Holiday Giveaway" contest that one blogger had won. This was a prize from two knitting/designing sisters of Alice and Grace and their website - Kathryn Ivy. The prize included a complete easter egg dye kit along with yarn and roving. I followed a link the blogger had provided to an Easter Egg Yarn Dyeing Tutorial on the KarthrynIvy site. I found well written instructions and beautiful examples of dyed yarn and roving. If you are new to dyeing, this website is a must see. Easter is just around the corner, so stock up on those egg dyes. The described process can also be used for traditional fiber dyes. While you are at the site take a look at free and for sale patterns. I have not had the urge to knit a food or organic item, but those mushrooms are very appealing.

There is more to this site. There are directions for making fabric cases for knitting needles and the Knitting Journal (for crochet too). The well designed PDF templates can be downloaded to your computer where you can print them out, write in the pertinent project information, glue or tape a picture, yarn sample and label, slip it into a sheet protector and place into a binder. The templates include a sheet for knitting, crochet, in queue, stash list (Liste D’attente), needle inventory, graph paper and more. Thank ladies, your hard work and generosity is appreciated. I will visit this site often to see what they are up to next.

Have you been their site? What patterns do like?

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