Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Step Above Socks - Progress & Ravelry

The socks are coming along nicely and are ready for the heel area to be worked. It may be another day or two until I get back to them. Life and house work keeps getting in the way.

I did take pictures of the new yarns that recently came in the mail. I plan to add them to my Ravelry stash. Raverly has really been a big knitting plus for me. Looking at the different projects that others are working on has really inspired me and the fact that I can easily look up just about any pattern or yarn without trasping around the Internet has been very convenient. I must admit that my knitting queue has over 100 items. There is no way that I can get to them all. But over time I will refine the list as my taste changes. I now have so many free patterns and have rediscovered ones that are in the books and magazines I already own. Who could ask for more?

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