Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Knitting Goals Contest

I have been browsing again. I came across "Skeins Her Way" blog and found Ali's Spring Knitting Goals contest. So click on over to her site for the rules and start making your list.

Now to get working on my list. I am not really a list maker. I take that back, I keep a mental list going for the things I really want or need to do. However, I like to have many options due to the fact I easily become bored. However, I typically like to knit one project at a time although I may swatch up for another project or two while knitting current project. That way I can have another project ready to go once I complete the current project. So far I just have two that are bouncing around, but will review my Ravelry queue and select a few more.

Spring Knitting Goals
  • A Step Above Socks - Finish Socks
  • Knit a cotton or silk tank/camisole
  • Dye sock yarn
  • Spin up some yarn
  • Swatch alpaca yarn for Alice Starmore's Maidenhair from Aran Knitting.
Note: This post will be updated periodically to include new projects.

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