Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sticker Shock - Vinuca Yarn

I was looking at the new spring issue of Knitty. On one page an ad appeared from Yarnmart stating "New yarns from $2.89 to $299.85" and showing a ball of Vinuca yarn. The price of $2.89 sounds reasonable, but the $299.85? Was that an error? I realize that yarn prices have risen along with everything else. $299.85 must be a mistake. Off I went to the Yarnmart website to see this yarn. No mistake. Apparently, vinuca is the ancestor to the alpaca and lives in the upper altitudes of the Andes Mountains. It produces only 4 ounces of fiber a year and is supposed to be lighter, softer and warmer than any of other hair fiber. It only comes in its natural shade of cinnamon as it is sensitive to chemical treatment. This is a lace weight yarn, weighs 28.5 grams and has 217 yards per ball. To see the yarn, click here.

I do not mind paying for luxury fibers or upgrading my tools. I have silk, alpaca and cashmere yarns in my stash and another order for silk on its way. I view my knitting as a pleasure, something to keep me occupied and at times a new challenge. However, I am not sure I could justify (in my mind) the purchase of this yarn. I think I would rather put the money in gold wire and "knit" myself a bracelet or for instant gratification, just buy the gold bracelet. ;) But this is my thought process, I try not to judge others by my quirks.

I am curious. Pretend that you were gifted with one ball of this yarn, what would you make with it? A lace scarf or hand warmers would my first thoughts. What pattern would you choose or design? Please leave your answer(s) in a comment and I will revisit this subject and provide the results in a later post.

New Addition:
If you have this yarn, what have you made with it and what do you plan to make with it? If have pictures on your blog or website, please leave your site address so I may take a peek and covet your project. ;)

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