Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Angel Puff Scarf

Alright, I finished knitting this scarf. It measures 6" x 68". I was planning to knit it to 70" in length, but I just wanted this scarf to end. I am dealing with some pain in my back right now and the knitting does not help. If the weather would just level out for a while, I would not feel like a pain barometer. Ah, time for a pain pill miss grumpy. Yes. Now off to make the puffs and some felting. My washer is a front loader and I felted my purse in it with no problems. However, I want to control the amount of felting of this scarf so I plan to swish it around in a large bowl of hot soapy water. I will take some pictures of the before and after of the scarf. But first, my pain pill needs to kick in.

Just added this picture. I will use small marbles and rubber bands. The rubber bands are used to secure the fabric covered marbles.

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