Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cozy Dish Cloth?

One evening, about week ago, I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Standing at the sink and filling my glass from the tap I glimpsed my mug cozy sitting on the counter near the sink. I thought this odd as I usually keep it atop an over sized mug that holds espresso making paraphernalia. I picked up the cozy to return it to its home and found it was wet. What the.... heck? With wet cozy in hand, I walk into the den to see my husband. Before I could get the words out I saw the sheepish but guilty grin on my his face. "I thought it was a dish cloth" he said. He had washed out the sinks and wiped the counters that evening. Part way through the chore he had realized that dish cloths do not have ties and are not tubular.

Hhmm... How should I react? Do I chalk this up as a honest mistake or was this a fiendish assault on my mug cozy? Let's look at the facts:
  • Dish cloths are made of cotton and were hand knitted by me.
  • Hubby can not tell the difference between cotton and wool. I believe this is due to the fact that males have one missing chromosome. ;)
  • Clean dish clothes are keep in a drawer with the kitchen towels.
  • The cozy resides at its home (atop the storage mug) next to the espresso machine and on the opposite side of the kitchen.
  • My hubby did realize his error and corrected it.
  • He was obliviously remorseful.
  • The kitchen sink and counters were nice and clean
  • The kitchen was not cleaned by me (yeah).
Hmm... "Yes dear, I understand how you could mistake this cozy for a dish cloth", I said and smiled. The relief smoothed over his face. I left the room, hand washed the cozy and placed it on a heat vent to dry for it's next day of use. Did I mention how how nice and clean the kitchen looked?

What hand crafted fiasco have you had with a family member, friend or acquaintance? Please share.

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