Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fluffy Pink Stuff - Mindless Knitting? Not!

Angel Puff Scarf - I seriously thought I would have been done with the knitting of this scarf by now. In an earlier post I had deemed this project as "mindless knitting". Boy, was I in for a rude awakening. The yarn, Silken Kydd, is actually a thin thread of silk with baby fine mohair spun into it. When knitted, is is a very soft and somewhat fuzzy. Due to my caviler attitude about this project, I found that I had dropped far to many stitches that could not be knitted back up without puckering the fabric. So I frogged a nearly half done scarf and started over. It is a bear to rip out fuzzy mohair! I am slowly proceeding and keeping my eye out for any elusive errant stitches.

Now that I have this under control I find that I like this yarn. I am think about knitting the Enchanted Jacket in a black colorway. I have ordered the pattern and will snap a picture of the yarn and pattern when it arrives.

What are your experiences with this yarn? What did you choose to make with it?

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