Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garden and Angel Puff Scarf

I spent some time in the garden yesterday and managed to get some pruning, raking and the pulling of some weeds. Oh, and I planted some Oriental Lilies. It felt good to be outside.

I found a bird's nest atop the front porch light. Looks like there was an earlier attempt that had slid off and lay resting on the entry tile. The nest was empty and hubby removed it. Sorry little birds, but you leave nasty little droppings on the tile.

I have used up a ball of Silken Kydd on the Angel Puff Scarf. The scarf is now 6" x 46" . I attached a second ball of yarn and will knit the length to 60" as I want the felted results to be longer that the 32" as indicated in the pattern.

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