Sunday, April 6, 2008

Knitter's Hell

I have not made a lot progress lately on A Step Above socks. It certainly was not from a lack of trying. Theses socks represent a new challenge for me, an opportunity to try entrelac and use the afterthought heel method. I was elated after the ribbing and as I created the first tier of triangles which laid the ground work for the pattern. I proceeded on to the rectangles and breezed down to the heel preparation stage. Little did I know that I was about to enter "knitter's hell"! You know, when you thought you new what you were doing, but it turns out you only thought you knew.

I needed to create two half triangles and on the last row of each reinforce the stitches by lifting the stitch below and knitting it together with the above stitch and increase with three MK1s in each triangle. Completing these, I would then knit two rows with waste yarn and proceed with mirrored triangles. I could not get the correct results. I re-read the instructions several times until I had the image in my mind. However, what I pictured and what I knitted did not match. Frog. Knit. Frog. Knit. Frog. Let's just start fresh tomorrow.

Knit. Frog. Knit, Frog. Turn off the TV and concentrate. More of the same. The voice speaking in my head yelled; "Put The Knitting Down And Step Away. Now!" Ok, I will give it a rest. The rest lasted three days. Knit. Frog. Now active avoidance had set in. I now would pick up the sock, look at it and place it back on the table next to my chair. This went on for a few more days.

In the meantime I knit and washed a swatch for the Alice Starmore Maidenhair sweater and knitted a mug cozy. I browsed Ravelry and added more patterns to my already burgening queue, made comments on several Raverler's projects, added my twos cents in the forums and even started a new topic. I flipped through several of my older knitting magazines and cruised around several web rings. I was doing everything pertaining to knitting, but was still ignoring those socks.

Had my knitting goddess abandoned me? Had I not performed all the appropriate rituals? I bought more yarn to enhance my stash (giggle), odored a shawl kit on line and bought from my favorite local yarn shop. I stared longingly at new patterns, fondled my yarn, touching it to my cheek and drooled. I even brought yarn from storage to keep the socks company.Where did I go wrong? Should I have more works in progress? Must I...ahem, resort to drastic measures and completely frog this project? Re-skein and remove the kinks in the yarn. Relegate this pattern to the stack of those unloved patterns I will not make again?

But wait, how can I be so cruel. Did we not share those precious hours of happiness together? I must give these socks another chance. So last night, with a new movie playing, I picked up the a sock and grasped the needles in my hands. I knit one, purl1 to the end of the roll, turned and continued on Then it happened. That magical mystical zen state that occurs when the planets and stars line up and there is renewed hope that the knitting goddess is watching over me. I heard of angels of knit and purl singing "Slip 1 st, p1, k1, p2 tog, turn". That old mystical knitting magic had returned and I was in the grove. Peace on earth, I made it through through this time. Now on to the other sock.

Have you had a knitter's hell moment? Please share your experience(s).

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yarnprincess said...

Wow -- what a great blog. And thank you for the comment. It made me laugh when I thought about all of your needles! Someday, maybe I will attempt socks. I've been meaning to do them for ages, but they scare me!