Saturday, April 19, 2008

Knitting Never Felt Better - Review

What lead me to this book? A desktop wallpaper that I found and downloaded from the Vogue Knitting site. I kept staring at those "puffs" on my computer screen and wondered how they were made. I could see that there were knitted, but they were hollow and how did they stay in that shape? I could not get my mind around it. One day (really one of many days) as I was perusing patterns and other knitter's projects on Ravelry I came across several scarves with "puffs". The same type of puffs that are in my desktop wallpaper picture. Quickly, I navigated to the pattern source. Ah ha, "Knitting Never Felt Better, The Definitive Guide To Fabulous Felting" by Nicky Epstein. The puffs belong to the Angel Puff Scarf which I have on the needles. I immediately ordered the book.

I think the overall layout of the book is nicely done and everything is well photographed with before and after felting. Chapters cover the basics of felting, dimensional, stitch patterns, techniques, appliques, cords and handles, templates and sculptural felting. Patterns include two hats, two cute purses, different types purse handles, a shawl, scarves, toys, stuffed animals, fruit, flowers and more. It also has directions for the felting of old sweaters to create fabric which can be used with the section of included templates.

If you are just looking just for felting patterns this book may not be for you. However, it you want to be inspired to create your own felted objects, buy this book. It is an excellent resource and will take its place next to Barbra Walker's knitting stitches and other knitting reference books in my library. Amazon has the book for just under $20.00 and in my opinion it is well worth it.

I will be making a I-cord purse handle (for Mckenzie bag) from this book. Now, to decide which one to use. Decisions.

So do you have this book or are you thinking about getting it? Let me know what you think about it.

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