Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fluffy Pink Stuff - Angel Puff Scarf

Since my grandson was here and we only had one Xbox controller to play games with (my Xbox 360 in on loan to Chase, my other grandson). I decided to knit something simple while watching and rooting for Hunter while he plays. So the socks went onto the back burner and out came some Orchid (light mauve) colored Elann's Silken Kydd (silk with very fine mohair) yarn and the pattern for the Angel Puff Scarf by Nicky Epstien. The pattern is on the right in the picture. I am altering the scarf to be about 3" x 40" long instead of the 4" x 32" the calls for. I only included about 2 or 3 rolls of the "puff balls". The scarf will be felted so I have quite a bit of mindless sockinette knitting to do. I have been fascinated with the "puffs" from these scarves every since I came across and downloaded the desktop picture from Vogue Knitting. You can see it and download it here. Once I found out that the pattern was in the "Knitting Never Felt So Good" book I ordered it and the yarn. The puffs are not knitted baubles and I will not tell how they are made right now. But I will be taking pictures during the process and will share them in a later post. For those who already have the book, shhhh! Also, in a future post I will provide a review of this book.

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Serena said...

hello! Do you have any left over of the silken kydd orchid? I'd love to buy it from you if so. I've been knitting a dress since December and am short. They don't have it in stock through elann anymore!