Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Stash Organization

Not much actual knitting going on right now. But I did do some knitting/spinning organization and destash. I pulled out some older Knit 'N Style magazines. I have not knit anything from them and decided it was time for them to go. My sister likes the magazines and so there is a box with here name on it. I did look through them and copied a few summer tops and reference pages. I also dug out some old Fashion Knitting magazines and added them to the box. If she does not care for those she can take to the thrift store that she volunteers at. OK, now an addition to my stash. I was able to buy some Knitter's magazines from a fellow knitter on Ravelry. I had let my subscription lapse and she just happened to have the two years that were missing from my library. What a sweet deal.

I also brought out some yarns from my stash. I am putting all of my yarns into Raverly, a little at a time. Just need to snap some pictures of these and upload them. It is nice to have a visual reference and see what others made with the same yarn. I have some of those space saver bags that I plan place a lot of my yarn in. I am thinking it would be easier to see the yarns in these bags rather than rummaging through the storage containers in my attic... er, fiber room.

How do you store your yarns? In a cupboard, dresser, under the bed? Do you remember what you have or are you like me, always surprised to see what is there?

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