Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stupid Human Tricks

This is really not a trick but it is stupid. This just happened. I am making my once daily latte and it went like this: Turn on the machine, add water; pour the milk into the steaming picture; grind the espresso beans; run a shot of hot water through the port-a-filter, priming the pump; grind espresso beans; place cozy on mug; scoop fresh ground espresso beans into mug; watch birds out the window while steaming milk, theres a blue jay; stare at mug, admiring knitted cozy; stare out window again; .....uh...... hmmm....ground beans in mug??? Theres something wrong with this picture! Uh........, dump grounds out; rinse mug; replace cozy; admire cozy; pour flavoring syrup into mug; fill port-a-filter with fresh ground espresso beans, insert into machine; make espresso shot and pour into mug; add steamed milk to mug; turn machine off; dumps grounds; rinse port-a-filter; sit down and sip latte.

Well that was about as good as when I absent mindlessly placed a bagged salad into the cupboard instead of the refrigerator, where it wilted after a few days. Then when I could not find it, asked my husband if it ate a nearly full bag of salad. Yes, I amuse myself a lot.

So how is your day going?

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