Thursday, May 1, 2008

Adding Puffs To The Angel Puff Scarf

I used rubber bands to secure small marbles to make the puffs for this scarf. I washed the scarf by hand in hot tap water and dish soap in a large bowl. I agitated and rubbed the scarf to force the felting and shocked it with a cold water rinse. At that point, I determined that more felting was needed and repeated the process, adding a little hair conditioner in the last rinse. A few of the marbles along the edges fell out few times during the felting. I just secured them back in the fabric with the rubber bands. The scarf in now pinned and drying on a towel on the living room carpet. The picture to the left shows the scarf before felting.

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Serena said...

joanne, do you have any of your silken kydd in orchid left? I've been knitting a dress in it since December and am realizing I may be running out. Please contact me, I'd love to buy it off you. Thanks!