Friday, May 2, 2008

Angel Puff Scarf - Finished & Lessons Learned

I am sort of happy with this scarf. I plan to re-block the edges of the scarf as I was not able to insert blocking wires into the sides. The stitches were too small after felting and the pin marks are visible. I will try steaming the edges to remove the marks. Another thing I noticed was my knitting tension was more relaxed by the time I finished the scarf. The felted fabric on one end of the scarf was tighter and I had to stretch that area to match. The Silken Kydd is a lace weight yarn and mohair is very unforgiving. I plan to knit a jacket (no felting) with this yarn in black. I will certainly pay attention to this.

With puffs, what you see before felting is what you will get after. When wrapping the marbles it is imperative that the placement and the fabric is adjusted to produce the puff effect that you want. Can you see the dangling puff at the lower left side of the scarf? The rubber band had a strangle hold on the fabric behind the puff and should have been adjusted closer to the marble.

So would I do it again? Yes. I had an opportunity to work with a lace weight yarn and try a new yarn manipulation technique. Have you tried anything like this? Please share your experience.

Note: Measurements before felting was 6 x 68 inches and after 4 x 53 inches. I had cast on 36 stitches instead of 45 the it called for in the pattern.

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teaborg said...

I have to say, the marbles are a nice touch, very neat!