Monday, May 5, 2008

A Nice Day To Be Outside

Yesterday was an ideal spring day to be outside. The sun was shining and the temperature was nice and warm. Our grandson, Hunter, had spent the weekend with us. He pitched in to help wash the pots. We planted three types of tomato plants, two of each, cheery, beef steak and roma. Mike bought them the weekend before at a local mom and pop farm in the valley. The corner of the deck is the initial resting place for the tomato plants. As they grow, they will no doubt be moved to more advantages spots.

Our ground here is hard pan with topsoil added for lawn. Planting anything here means hauling out the picks and removing rocks, rocks and more rocks. We have an acre and a quarter of land and after building the house, I began to build flower beds. I could only manage one bed per year as it meant digging down at least a foot and a half and bringing in the appropriate soil. Many years later the beds, trees, shrubs, roses, bulbs, perennials, raspberries, grapes and blueberries are in. The planting bug has been replaced by just trying to keep up as my health's ups and downs permit. That being said, I bought a tree to replace one that we had to remove due to being planted to close to the house. Ah, the trials and errors of gardening. This poor little tree sat in its' one gallon pot for three or four years. At first I could not decide were to plant it and second neither my husband nor I wanted to drag out the pick.

Enter one nine year old with bounds of energy, a small landscaping ax and some heavy bribing (pizza for fuel and some cold cash) from two tired grandparents and the poor little root bound tree was planted. All that was needed was some guidance from grandma as Hunter dug, planted and then watered the tree.

The tree is now called Hunter's Tree.

Yes, that is a dandelion next to the tulips and forget me nots. I have not weeded that flower bed yet so I have decided to treat it as a "pretty yellow flower" until I yank it out. What is in your flower bed?

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MRS MJW said...

Nice work! I am glad to see I'm not the only one enjoying the weather.