Thursday, May 15, 2008

PMPG & Sock Blockers

There has been no knitting the last few days. I set up a new server which makes automatic backup of my computers and stores all of my data. I also fixed a stubborn printer that preferred to eat paper instead of printing. So with all of the brainy stuff out of the way it was time to do some simple like play a web surfing game called Pmog which stands for "The Passively Multiplayer Online Game". You gain points and levels for missions which are tours of websites created by players. It is both fun and a big time sink. However, I was introduced to some good recipe sites and although one was vegetarian, it had some fresh ideas for noodles.

Blog ring surfing lead me to On Little Sesame Knits blog where I came across a tutorial for making sock blockers out of plastic place mats. I do not have any plastic place mats but I am sure I can find something made of heavy plastic to make them with. You can find the tutorial here.

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