Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Swallowtail Shawl - Hue Change

I finally finished the 24 bud pattern repeats and made it into the 1st lily of the valley chart. I welcomed the stitch change. I was getting to the point where I could almost knit the buds in my sleep. The yarn I am using is hand dyed and apparently the skein are not the same. You can see the change in hues were I began a new skein. At first I was somewhat dismayed. But after looking at it from a distance, I began to warm up to it. The color change appears as the pattern changes into the lily of the valley and should show off this lacier portion of pattern. The pattern is hard to see in my unblock shawl but is evident in the picture (white shawl) original pattern from the pattern. I have decided to treat it as a design feature as I was not going to frog over 400 yarns of knitted yarn.

I did manage to get my Knitter's magazines organized into eight 3 inch large binders. I have had a subscription for many years and also picked up older issues from knit shops, thrift stores and eBay. I had let my subscription lapse for two years (2006 through 2007), but was able to pick up the missing issues from some fellow knitters on Ravelry who where de-stashing. I now have all the magazines from the beginning in 1983/4 to the most current.

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