Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Nice Break

Wow, the month of July has flown by. We started the month out by spending three nights at Long Beach, WA. We gathered our two grandsons and drove (3 hours) to the beach. We sat poolside each day as the boys performed their aquatic wonders. The boys are at the age where having their picture taken is not a high priority on their list. So one must have the stealth of a spy to get photos of them. However, I was allowed to snap away as on this occasion they performed for us standing on two hands, on one hand and a variety of jumps in the pool. My husband and I marveled at their boundless energy and wished we had a way to siphon a fraction of it to us. Besides the ocean beach, Long beach has a lot to do. Grandpa and the boys rode go carts and we all drove the bumper cars, went to a few arcades, flew kites, dug in the sand and made sand castles, had a beach fire and shot off fireworks. We also drove the few miles to Iwaco and watched some of the retuning fishing charters. It was a nice time.

Feeling invigorated from the mini vacation, I have been working in the garden and reading books. Knitting seems to be on the back burner this month.

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