Monday, September 8, 2008

Latte + Beer = ???

It was late in afternoon yesterday and I needed some caffeine fortification.  So I fixed myself a nice iced latte.  Mmmm... I was going along my buzzed way, doing laundry, picking up clutter, etc. Mike had made a trip to the grocery store and came back with some extra goodies. Out of a bag came a six pack of Corona beer and a fresh lime.  I could not resist.  Mike sliced the lime and I pulled out a bottle opener and popped the caps on two bottles. I squeezed a slice of lime into my bottle and then took a nice long sip of the cold Corona. Mmmm....  It was not until about twenty minutes later and after I finished my beer that I had realized that the beer had canceled out my buzz. Oh well, it was Sunday. Is that not supposed to be a day of rest?

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