Sunday, September 7, 2008

Procrastination Works! Mackenzie Purse

I had searched in vein for leather purse handles and could only find 13", 27"and 30" lengths. I had finally given up on leather and went onto plan B, where I was to knit and felt the handles for my Mackenzie purse. However, there were a few false starts and there were some new projects that keep calling to me. So the handle's part of this project went into hibernation. Well, I am happy to say that procrastination has come through for me again. Last night, while browsing the web (more procrastination), I came across the perfect black leather handles at Joggles (.com) that are 18" long. When placing the order, I also purchased some extra-stiff sew in ultra-firm stabilizer along with a heavyweight fusible stabilizer. I am thinking about fusing these two together and add it to the lining of the purse which should provide crispness to the body of the bag.

Lesson Learned: Never under estimate the power of procrastination!

Look what came in yesterdays mail! The handles and stiffeners. It is interesting to find that the handles have a stiff plastic insert. I am not sure if they are there to keep the shape while stored and are meant to be removed. If removed, the handle is more flexible, but could become floppy with use. If left the inserts are left in the handles and attached to the purse it will keep it's shape but the handle. will ridged. Hmm... decisions. In the mean time I need to locate the purse body. I had did a mini reorganization of my tools and some yarns. Now, I can not find it. :(

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