Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Girl Is Back!

Back home that is. We arrived home a week ago from this last Friday. I must say, I am not thrilled to be back in a cold climate. The temperature was in the 70's when we left Texas. We drove home through lower Texas and into New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and then onto California and finally taking the I-5 freeway the rest of the way home to Washington state. We did not do any sightseeing other than to see what flew by our truck's windows. My husband just wanted to get home. However, we did spend one night at the Seven Feathers Casino/Hotel somewhere in Oregon. Well, that really is not considered sight seeing. But it was a fun break from our regular layover at a hotel each night. I also could not pass through Portland without a stop at my favorite used book. More about that in a later post.

It turns out it was better that we headed home instead of taking several side trips to see the sights. Our truck started to make a rumbling sound as we were on the leaving end of New Mexico. Wait you say, did it not break down and was repaired in Wyoming? Yes, it did. But it is an twelve year old truck and who knows what will go next. By the time we made it home the rumbling moved into a low roar. It turns out that a seal went on the housing on the 4-wheel drive housing. Yes, was gear beginning to grind. Needless to say, it is not at the repair shop and we should get the truck back tomorrow.

We will probably have a new vehicle by the time another hurricane hits the states. However, we have decided that we will just fly and rent a car like we did for hurricane Katrina and Wilma. It will not be less wear and tear on our own vehicle, but on us too. I am getting old. Damn!

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yarnprincess said...

Welcome home! Now that you're back, you can play -- I tagged you in my new blog meme: friday freaky fun fact & foto that I got from Velma. Hope you'll join in!