Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monster Book Store - Powell's City of Books

On the way home from Texas, I was able to make a brief stop at Powell's City of Books in Portland. This is one of my favorite used book stores. I can spend hours here and have. I traded in several books that I read while in Texas, no TV to wind down to, and bought several more of my two favorite fiction writer's books. I did peruse the new and used knitting books. But nothing said "take me home with you". I already own an extensive library of knitting books and magazines. So it must be a special book to grab my attention and to be added to my collection. It seems that the majority of books out now are just reincarnations of the ones I own. But then life repeats itself 60 years or so (I-Ching). I am drawn to technique, texture, be it stitch or yarn, and unique detail. I prefer understated elegance in clothing. That does not mean that is what I always strive to knit as I like to try different things. :)

Lately, I have been buying patterns from individual designers who sell on the internet. The big advantage is that they are in electronic format (PDF) which can be downloaded right away. I can easily find them on my server (mirrored backup) and print on demand. I do not see my books or magazines going away. I do like to sit and read through them, enjoying the peaceful journey. Even older editions can be enlightening. As my knitting experience has progressed, I find that I am open to ideas from articles and patterns that I may not have considered before. Raverly is becoming my central link to patterns old and new as publishers and designers add to the database and the book or magazine where it found is identifed.

How is your knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving or craft library shaping up? Are you moving to all digital. Are you just starting yours or are you like me and have had your library for many years and can not part with any of it. Or, are you the not a gather,( I refuse to use the term pack rack) and trade, sell or give away what you will not immediately make?

On another note, I was hoping to visit the yarn store Yarnia while in Portland. However, with the truck making weird noises (see the previous post), our plans were to get home by dark, or at least get close enough that if it did break down, it could be towed to our mechanic. We made it home.

Secret Desires: I could picture the truck breaking while we were  in Portland. Then I could have a much longer and leisurely visit at Powell's and a trip to Yarnia as well as other knit stores in the area. Portland does have a great bus system. Oh well.

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