Thursday, January 15, 2009

1997 - Soap Sack

Time to share - A trip down memory lane here. Several years ago I made handmade soaps for personal use and to sell. I also knitted up many soap sacks and wash clothes in cotton and sold them along with the soaps. I stopped knitting them when I stopped making and selling my soaps. I was a member of the Knit List at the time and shared this pattern with 1997 gift list exchange. You can still find this pattern at the Wool Wooks internet site and directly by clicking here. I plan to write the pattern in a PDF format ( down loadable ) and add a picture. Stay tuned.

I need a model for this PDF pattern. So I am thinking of knitting the model pattern in silk or cashmere. No, No, No, I do not plan to use this particular sack to place soap and use it in the shower. I need a trinket bag and this would be the perfect pattern for it.

I have three sets of earphones for my computers. It is not that I use all three earphones, although I do have the same number of computers. The first set was overlooked while packing for our trip to Texas. The second was purchased in Texas and the cord turned out to be too short while used with my desktop. The CPU sits on the floor and unless I limited my range of motion, the earphones would pop out of my ears. For the third set (shades of The Three Bears here), I found that I needed to spend a little more money to get a longer cord but it turned out to be a better quality set. What a difference it makes when listening to music. One soap sack, er, trinket bag coming up.

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