Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To Knitting, Chart Keeper Review

It has been a while since I picked up my needles. It is not that I did not have the desire to. It just that thing called real life that seems to get in the way. I also live with a very cranky and uninvited companion which likes to torment me in the winter. No, not my husband, although he certainly can be cranky at times, but can’t we all? No, that other cranky companion is fibromyalgia. I dreaded leaving the warmer climate of Texas and heading back to the cold and wet dampness of Washington. Not to mention the longer than usual snow we had. The weather change hit me like a brick wall. Toss in two weeks of the flu with fever and the chills and wallah, nothing accomplished.

However, my energy had finally picked up, my spirits lifted and I was back with needles in hand and managed to complete a few repeats of the Boing scarf just before Christmas. However, that came to a halt when one of my grandchildren, name held to protect the guilty, accidentally sat on my knitting and broke one of the my My Harmony interchangeable wood needles. Bummer! But on the brigher side, when ordeing the replacement needle, I treated myself to Knit Pick’s Chart Keeper. I am now about half way through the scarf and I found the Chart Keeper to be a great aide.

When I first pulled the book like chart holder out of the delivery box, I felt that it’s weight was a little hefty and thought it would be cumbersome. However, I soon realized that the weight kept the chart holder in its place on the sofa pillow next to me. Anything lighter would have bounced off the cushion as I shifted and moved on the sofa. The adjustable snap strap allowed me to view the pattern at a convenient and easy to see angle and magnic strips are thick and easy to grasp and move as I travel up the rows. When closed (12½" x 9½" opened flat, 9½" x 6¼" closed) the Chart Keeper holds the pattern and magnet strips in place, so when reopened you can start where you left off. It is certainly worth the $9.99 and I feel is a great improvement over the other chart holders on the market.

Have any of you bought the Chart Keeper? Is it a keeper, or do you prefer something else. Have you made your own pattern holder? Please share your thoughts.

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R. Baden said...

I'm currently trying to decide whether or not to purchase the chart keeper. It looks great, but I'm wondering if I could concoct something myself?
I enjoyed reading your description of it.
I'm using these dreary winter months to improve my knitting skills!