Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Be Wild! Knit Wild! Knit Wild Tea Cozies!

Be daring. Do something unusual. Do something unusual to something you usually do. Like making tea. Well, maybe not the tea itself. But to the tea pot. Why not?

I had just posted to my blog and had decided to take a tour around to some of the blogs I like to visit. I checked in on Kristin Nickels and read her post about the number one knitting book on amazon.co.uk, Wild Tea Cosies, by Loani Prior. I jumped to the the UK Amazon site to take a peak at the book and then onto Prior's blog where I discovered the book would be hitting the US shores in April of this year. Now, with that knowledge under my belt and feeling a bit braver, I think it is time that I confess. Er, uh, I am a closet tea cozy junky. Well, I am not in the closet now. Right? I already own the only other published tea cozy books on the market, all two of them, and just about all the free patterns out there on the internet.  However, I have knit not one. Oh, I have tested the waters with a cozy for my latte mug. I know, I know, it is not the same thing. But not too far off in the distance, I can picture it happening. The yarn, the needles, the perfect wild tea cozy pattern....

In the mean time, I will bide my time and who knows, I may dream up my own tea cozies. Maybe something to go with that luscious mango indica or orange jasmine tea I have. Then there is that heavenly Madagascar vanilla bean tea. Oh, and what about that orange jasmine and of course the nice brisk Empress Tea from the Empress Hotel in Victoria, Canada. Then there is the Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea. Hm, how about a knitted cozy for my favorite porcelain tea mug? Did I mention that I drink tea?

Are you having tea cozy dreams too? Then head on over to the Grand Purl Baa blog and check out Loani's tea cozies. You can also go to this Raverly link to see some of the patterns from the book.

Hey, did you see the book, Knitted Cakes? OK, let's just stop right here. I am not going to confess to anything else!


Janet said...

I'm knitting a sheep tea cosy for my mother-in-law from Blackberry Ridge:


The head shaping is giving me a little trouble, though, and I want to line the body. I will have to check out that book in April!

Joanne said...

I just checked out the pattern cute pattern. It is cute. I think I would sew on some eyes. Thanks for stopping by.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hi Joanne
Thank you so much for dedicated a whole post to my little book. It'll be fun to see just how many other "closet" tea drinkers there are in America. The very best to you. Cheers