Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Project - Cashmere Scarf

While laying out the Boing scarf for blocking, Mike made a comment that he could use one in this cold weather. So I pulled out two skeins of sage colored cashmere yarn that I bought a year ago during the Discontinued Yarns January sale. I had no clue what to make with it and is was just languishing in my stash. I found a nice pattern in Raverly that I think a guy would not mind wearing. It is called ScWiNoNa and can be found at here in Raverly and the pattern can be downloaded (for free) at the designer's web site. I do not think I can pronounce the pattern's name and have no clue what it means. But it is certainly an easy pattern to memorize and is quick to knit.

The pattern orginaly called for worsted weight yarn and a size 8 (US) needle. My yarn is a DK weight and I decided to use a size 6 needle and changed the border to a seed stitch. I almost done and am happy how it is tuning out. Pictures will be posted at a later time.

Update: OK, I could not stand it any longer, I just had to know what the name of this scarf stood for. So back to the Knittywhipped blog I went and found the orgrinal posting. ScWiNoNa = Scarf With No Name. I would have never have guessed it. LOL.

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Its a very good project on cashmere scarf....