Friday, February 6, 2009

Computer Sleeve Finished & New Knitting Bag?

I bought a laptop tote bag while we were in Texas. However, it only came in a size for a 15" laptop and mine is 17". I like the bag, had no time to shop around and the price was right ($30 at Target). It is perfect for tossing over my shoulder for quick jaunts and much easier to get out of a car than my regular computer bag that has a collapsible handle and wheels. Of course the sleeve that came with it did not fit. So why not knit one.

The picture of the sleeve leaning against the window has my computer in it. Sleeve handles make it easy to grasp the bag with one hand which is a big plus as this laptop weighs 9 lbs. Older laptop and older technology = heavy. The sleeve with laptop rests in the vertical position and peeks out of the unzipped computer tote.

Note: You can find my previous post about the actual knitting of this computer sleeve here.

HOLD THE PRESSES! Or blogging, postings or whatever the nomenclature is now in the electronic world. Sheesh, my age is showing. This tote could double as a knitting bag. I just had to stuff my current project with yarn, two newly purchased skeins of yarn, chart keeper, Harmony interchangeable needles pouch and various whatnot's in it and snapped a couple pictures. Check it out! I think the purchase of this bag must have subconsciously aroused something in the knitting side of my brain. What do you think?

Update: I bought a new computer tote that will fit the width of my laptop. That now means that the tote pictured here is my official knitting bag. It was meant to be!


Jeremy said...

Hi there! I was searching around for something for my MacBook just like this. My mom said she'd knit one for me if I found a pattern- do you have one? It is really nice, by the way!

Joanne said...


I am flattered that you liked my computer sleeve. I have no way of contacting you, so will post here and place a copy of this in the comments. The sleeve I made was based on another pattern. Please have your mom take a look at my previous post ( She will find my modifications for the no-sew version and the link to the original pattern which was knitted in pieces and sewn together before being tossed into the washer for felting. I will be happy to answer questions that your mom may have, just leave an email or site that I may contact you or her.

Take care, Joanne