Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Computer Sleeve & Swirl Shawl

There sure has been a flurry of knitting going on here. I knitted up a sleeve for my 17" laptop using Cascade 220 in black. I had planned to use The Pear Laptop Bag pattern (minus the pear) from the Classic Elite newsletter. However, after reading the pattern I decided not to use it as it was knitted in two pieces that required sewing together. I prefer to knit in the round whenever it is possible. I also want to try out the seamless Turkish Cast On. So I improvised my own pattern. First, I wrapped my needles 70 times. Once they were knitted up, I had the 140 stitches which provided the base to begin knitting in the round. I used the bind-off (20 stitches) on one row and cast-on in the next to create holes for the handles. The before felting bag's measures 14.5 x 23 inches. Now off to the washer to get the final results. Pictures yet to come.

On my needles now is the Swirl Shawl. I purchased the kit online at Knitting Software for a great price. Each motif is knitted from the outside edge to the center. I am on the 3rd motif and like how one picks up stitches from the previous motif to begin the next. As pick up these beginning stitches, I also weave in the tail for the new motif.

Did you notice the no sew theme here? Time for a latte break! What are you drinking right now?

Stupid Human Trick: I had washed a load of clothes along with the computer sleeve or is it the other way around. As I tossed wet clothes in the dryer, I realized that I had forgot to put soap in with the load. Very well, back into the washer they went along with computer sleeve. Looks like the lack of soap also prevent the bag from shrinking to the degree I wanted.

I washed this bag three times in my front load washer on the casual setting. I slipped the wet bag over the laptop and it is a perfect fit. It currently measures 16.5 x 12.75 inches. The top of the bag has rolled over as expected due the the stockinette stitch. Now to let it dry.

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