Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fiber Prep Stand

I have been meaning take and share some pictures of my fiber preparation stand. Tonight is the night. The stand is actually a wooden apple crate that I gleamed from my parents storage sometime back in the 1970's. Do they still make them? I guess they are all made of cardboard now. It was in those lean salad days where any found object got a splash paint or a tablecloth and wound up as end table or night stand. Yep, that is the original paint sprayed from a can 35+ years ago. Although, it is has been toned down with age. Remember those psychedelic colors? Lime green, shocking yellow, bold blue and tangerine? You say they are back in style again? Ahem, never mind.

About 12 years ago I re-appropriated the then vinyl record album storage container to hold my fiber tools. No, I was not still playing those old things. I am not that old school as my son in-law had recently referred to me. Hrump! See if I knit him anything from cashmere yarn. It will be the cheapest and scratchiest acrylic yarn for you bucko? Oh, the albums are stuffed away in some other old wooden box.

I have attached a ball winder, hackle and yarn meter (a $12.95 fishing line counter from Cabelas). The yarn swift is stored on the first shelf. My foot goes on the bottom shelf to hold the stand steady as I wind yarn. Two clear plastic peel and stick clips, normally used to secure phone cord, are used as guides for the yarn as it is being wound from the swift while it sits on the floor or through the meter. The sharp pointy tines of the hackle (used to tease wool for spinning or hand felting) normally wears it cardboard sleeve for protection. The stand is stored in my workroom and moved to the location of use. Typically, that is my living room.

OK, its your turn. Show me your fiber prep thingy (technical term) or area.

Note: No acrylic slam meant here. There are some very nice and soft acrylic yarn out there. My grandson's blankie was crocheted from such a fine yarn.


~laurie said...

Hmm i've been using my kitchen table but now i think i'll look around the house and see what i can appropriate for one. Thanks for the idea!

igi said...

omg I love it! I NEED it!! I have also been using my kitchen table. Thanks for the awesome idea!