Monday, February 2, 2009

In The Green - Finished

A quick shot of the cashmere scarf and trinket bag ( picture at left). The ScWiNoNa Scarf is soaking in some warm soapy water right now. Each time I watch by the sink I give the wet scarf a few gentles squeezes. Next up, blocking. The trinket bag needs no further work. Just need to take some up and close pictures. I will do that when I have a little more time. I really wanted to get a before shot of the scarf before blocking and threw the bag in for the heck of it.

Update: This scarf is now on the wires and is drying. I added some hair conditioner to the rinse water although it is really not needed for this luxuriously soft yarn. However, it does make the scarf smell nice. I have set the blocking wires 7" apart and the stretched the scarf very little to measure 58" .

02/03/09 - The scarf came off the blocking wires this morning. The yarn has bloomed and is much softer after washing. I am delighted how it turned out. Mike is wearing it right now while in the house. He works in construction, mostly in cold and drafty buildings during the winter. It usually takes a hot shower to chase his day long chill away. He was amazed at how warm cashmere is. I told him to wear it to work, but he dare not wipe up any taping mud with it. ;)

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