Saturday, February 7, 2009

Move On…

I had a day from hell. Actually the first two hours went quite well. I was playing with fiber and who can not feel good when that happens. Go ahead, I dare you to disagree with me. No takers? I thought not! Who's cranky? Hurmph! I spent the rest of the day taking and making phones calls, writing and responding to emails, and attempting to complete several tasks in between and wound up with the feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing significant. Oh, its called work? What can I say. Move on.

Anyway, its time to wind down. I am too tired too knit and don't want to screw up the Swirl Shawl. Move on. Watched Battlestar Galactica. My brain kept zoning off to the ether somewhere. I could watch it again at 12:00 am or just wait till my I have a brain and watch it On Demand tomorrow. Move on. Decided to cruise the web. Read a review of what sounds like some scrumptious yarn and then read that it is priced at $60 for a 350 yard skein. Definitely move on. Dropped in on the Yarn Harlot. Sounds like she had a day from hell. How did she know that I stole her Knit Picks needle tip. Hey, I sat on mine. Stop talking about me! Move on. Battlestar Galactica is back on. I’m gone.

Move on. I am talking to you!

I am back. I think I did manage to pick up what I missed the first time I watched the show. I am actually begining to feel sleepy. So I will head off to bed. You? Stay up all night if you want. Then you can write a cranky post such as this one. No? Then move on. Good night.

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~laurie said...

Hi :) Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you like the's a fun knit. I've added your blog to my google reader - it sounds like we are similar in age and outlook. I'm just north of you in Victoria btw.
Nice to 'meet' you :)