Saturday, February 28, 2009

Swirl Shawl & Spring Fever

I now have the pattern memorized so the knitting is each medallion has become more fluid. However, it is still not mindless knitting. So, no knitting this project when I am tired or engrossed in a movie or TV show.

The pattern has alternating rows of 16 and 17 medallions. The first row has 16 and the second row which I am working on now has 17. The Shawl has a total of 5 rows. However, I bought additional yarn thinking I might want to make this into a throw by adding more rows. It is going to take some time.

I took this picture outside today and think the violet-red purple colors show up better here than the picture in an earlier post.

Spring fever is setting in. The garden has been calling to me and the garden catalogs are arriving in the mail . I want to order some new plants but need to transplant several plants first amongst other yard clean up. So this year I have started early. I have been out pruning and raking. We have a 1 1/4 acre and I had put in quite a few garden beds. So they is a lot to do around here. Last week I raked and pruned plants in several flower beds near the house. On Friday I grabbed the pitch fork and turned the humongous compost into two piles. With over a acre of grass to mow, the clippings surely pile up fast and the compost has been sitting for two years. Saturday I pruned the apple tree, dead raspberry canes and several shrubs. This morning, Mike and I raked leaves and pine needles, 2 years worth, from one of the garden beds that runs 3/4 the length of our property. More pruning went on. Mike kept looking for rain so we could quit. It did start to rain, but only when we were loading the last of the debris piles into the wheel barrel. Thank you mother nature for your perfect timing. Just a few more flower beds to clean and I can begin transplanting. I now can have another look at the catalogs and maybe place an order or two.

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