Monday, February 16, 2009

Vinuca – What Is Going On?

During the last few hours, my blog has been visited by several people searching for the term vinuca. How do I know this? I have a live traffic feed widget here on the site. At anytime I can see from what city and country one comes from, the site from which they arrived and if they used a search engine, I can also learn what they are looking for.

Those visiting my blog are landing on a old post of mine were I related my shock at the price of pure vinuca yarn. I am curious. What spawned your foray into vinuca? Are you looking for the animal, the fiber, a yarn or fabric? Or, is it something else which carries that title? Please leave a comment and satisfy this inquiring mind. Thanks for stopping by.

Update: Thanks for the explanations. I had a feeling that is was something that was published or released to today. Little did I know it was part of the daily word jumble.


G Mark said...

Don't take it personally, Joanne. Today (16 Feb 09) the fourth word in the Jumble puzzle is "CAUVIN" and people are just trying to determine if VICUNA is really a word, or should it be UNIVAC (which is half acronym). People have forgotten the "Vicuna coat" scandal of the Eisenhower administration (Jun 58). So, VICUNA it is!

Anonymous said...

We're trying to solve today's Jumble puzzle

Anonymous said...

We were working on a word jumble in the athens banner herald with the letters the course of deduction, vinuca was our guess...we came to the internet to see if it was such a word...there you have it!

Khaled KEM said...

An interesting post with an interesting coincidence. I do really appreciate that you knitted a 1.09 miles. Wow!!