Monday, March 9, 2009

Week of Wrongs

Wrong 1: The internet stopped working on Thursday. At least, it would no longer work through the splitter that was in the living room. I called called the cable company and we found that I could get either TV or internet but not both, even after I had swapped out different cables and a new splitter. A cable guy was supposed to come out on Friday, but never showed. I called the cable company again and a guy came out on Saturday. Apparently, some new configuration went into place and the cable leading from my house to the main connection box on the road is now out of specification (cable is too small). A new one will have to be put in which can take from one to two weeks. In the meantime, I moved the modem and router back upstairs to a separate cable connection.

Wrong 2: My Vonage (internet) phone will not work with the existing internet problem. Until the problem is resolved, I have forwarded my home phone to my cell phone. My cell phone's battery had decided it does not want to hold a charge for long. So it has to stay plugged into the charger. Time to order a new battery.

Wrong 3: In January, I ordered a Sofa and two matching chairs for our living room. The color I choose was not carried in stock and had to come from the manufacture. The set arrived on Saturday. I was so excited. However, when the protective wrappers were removed, the fabric was the wrong color. I had ordered a color called Stone which is off white with a hint of gray. The set I received is light brown in color. The furniture will be reordered and they will try to have it expedited. In the meantime, they left the set here for us to use. We had already removed the old furniture. The new furniture is so comfortable. If if only was the right color.

To prepare for the new furniture, I have been cleaning the living room carpet . I thought I would be done by now by now but my fibromyalgia is acting up with this cold weather so I am only able to doing small sections at a time. I will have to wait until my hands and arms calm down to finish the rest. My knitting and game playing has also been limited due to the pain. Bummer.

Wrong 4: Last week I ordered a new hard drive for my laptop, upgrading from 80 GB to 320 GB, along with the newer version of MS Office. I also plan to roll the laptop Windows XP back to Vista. I went to install the hard drive Friday night and found that the new drive’s connecting pins did not match. This was my fault. I did some further research, found and ordered the correct one. Now, I need send the wrong one back and wait for the new one to get here. It should be here on Tuesday.

I also ordered my husband a new cell phone and a tripod for my camera. Both should be delivered within the next few days. I am a little leery. Hopefully, they will be will be the correct items. Think positive here.

What a week. How did your week go?

Update: The tripod arrived and is going to be sent back. I must have been asleep at the wheel when I ordered. I selected the 3-section tripod instead of the 4-section one. What is the difference you ask? The 4-section tripod legs collapses into a much smaller, thus easier to pack, tripod. The correct one has been ordered and will be delivered on Friday. The other one is already back in the box with the return shipping label printed and affixed. Hubby will drop it off and the UPS store tomorrow. However, the tripod head I choose was perfect and my new book, Complete Digital Photography, Fourth Edition by Ben Long looks very interesting. I just finished reading a novel and I am ready to tear into this book. It is a hefty book at 566 pages with a CD included. Time to get technical. Did you call me a nerd? You bet and proud of it.

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