Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prevent Drunken Emails!

I was taking a rest break from some garden work and decided to browse a few websites. I came across this a post about preventing drunken emails at the the Hack A Day blog. Apparently there is an application, Googles Mail, for those who like to fire off rants to an intended target while inebriated. The installed software forces one to take a math test (aka walk a straight line) to determine if the sender is sober enough to send the offending email.

Hmm, I can just see me now..., that third glass of wine in hand (what can I say, I am a pantie weight boozier), hunched over the keyboard and poised to send off that scathing critique of a knitting pattern with suspected errors to a knitwear designer.

Up comes the test. Can I complete the math problems before the clock runs down?

Hmm..., could those multiple glasses of wine be the real culprit for my knitting blunders?

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