Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swirl Shawl

Slowly but surely this project is moving along. I have not knitted on this every day but do manage to get two or three medallions during a session. I am on the fifth row now. If I were to make a shawl this would have been the last row. But I think I would rather make a throw out of this and would probably get a lot more use of it. I am thinking that eight rows make be the right size. Update: Just finished row five, on to number six.

I saw the first rabbit of this spring today sitting out in the yard and warming itself in the early morning sun. The weather here has been erratic and getting out into the garden has been sporadic. However, spring is managing to push the flower buds up through the ground and the pansies I planted do wave to me which each breeze.

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Flowers said...

Wow the picture of flower looks good. your blog is perfect. Enjoyed a lot :)