Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Here. No Really!

As is obvious, I  have taken a hiatus from knitting and blogging. I have ventured onto another obsession such jeweling making and a new one, learning to play a guitar.

My last knit project was the Autumn Leaves Cardigan. I have completed the body knit in one piece and most of one sleeve. However, I have determined that the separately knit sleeve was going to be too tight for my plumpish forearm. I was not sure whether to rip it and and make a larger size and deal with the difference when sewing it to the body or just pick up stitches with increases from the armhole and knit down. Either way I was going to have research this change and perform some calculations. During the time I was working this sweater, I was going through my typical Fybromyalgia winter doldrums and it's associated foggy brain syndrome. When my brain is only running on a few cylinders, I am still capable of following a pattern with little or no problems. OK, I will admit to maybe a little more ripping out is done. LOL. My hubby and I are thinking about a taking a long road trip this spring so I hope to have crunched the numbers and be ready to knit for the trip. In the mean time, I will attempt to get a picture of the sweater up on here and in Ravelry so you can see it.

As I have mentioned, I am jewelry making or what I will call jewelrysmithing. I construct the components of each peace from sterling silver sheet and soldering the pieces together with a oxygen/propane torch.  I then set with gemstones, stones, pearls and what not. I would like to blog about this but am not sure whether to include it here or create a new blog. I know I have included some of my personal life in this blog, but I mostly have stayed on topic. I really would prefer not to have to keep up two blogs. But then I would want to be able to separate the topics so my readers and I can easily locate what interest them. Looks like I need to research the new capabilities of Blogger.

You may see some different formatting the next time you visit.  Please, bear with me. Are you going through growing pains with your blog? Please share and thanks for stopping by.

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